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Sharing could be a simple yet vital key word for this project.  Yuka’s enthusiasm for cooking and well-being of mind and body has been inspiring.  Her chocolate brand, ZEN CACAO, creates a harmony of genuine flavours amongst each element of ingredients with a gentle and respectful approach. Gourd and Horse will make a special plate for these chocolates, which will be an ideal gift for someone whom you care for.


“Since I was a small child, in Japan, I spent many hours around my Granny, who ran a confectionery shop in the mountains for generations and I became influenced by the fine qualities of the confectionery. 

As I grew up I realised I love to be involved in food. Organic, whole food, healthy, Raw...

On my return to Japan, I fell in love with beautifully handmade special raw chocolates in Kyoto, and I was inspired to make them at home in Stroud.

The essence of raw, superfood is important to me and in ZEN CACAO the medicinal qualities of the product and the vibration of the un-refined natural ingredients, create a truly unique experience.

Cacao, itself, is actually a medicine and was used by the Ancients for ceremonial and spiritual purposes.

It was even used as currency... ” - Yuka Stevenson   www.zencacao.com



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