Gourd and Horse

Gourd+ Marion Mitchell

About the Collaboration

Embracing a flair for drawing by Marion and a functional form by Gourd and Horse in one piece. "West meets East or vice versa" in a quirky way.  Marion’s extraordinary drawings will shine and enhance the charm of the unique orchid pots for Vanda (former Neofinetia) falcata.  The process of making is just like a series of our dialogues with hands, and will create surprise and joy. 

About Marion Mitchell

“A spontaneous and immediate brush stroke on a piece of pottery always attracts my attention. I wonder what the artist was hoping to say or achieve with just a touch of colour and the slightest flick of a brush.  Japanese potters have always been masters of this simple but masterful technique so when Gourd and Horse asked me to be involved in this collaborative venture I found the idea of studying Japanese ceramics very exciting.

My aim is to capture the essence of Japanese brushwork on Aki’s beautiful orchid pots. Japan has a long and delightful tradition of growing these particular orchids - Vanda falcata - so my brush work must not distract but complement an already beautiful object.

I live in Stroud, Gloucestershire and spend most of my time in my studio making a variety of stoneware bowls and decorative pieces. I particularly like the painterly approach to glazing and one of the delights of my life is opening the kiln after a glaze firing.” - Marion Mitchell


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