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About the Collaboration

Upcycling Japanese vintage kimono fabrics to create some ideas for a table setting, has been an ongoing project of this collaboration unit.  Sam has a great understanding and skills on vintage fabrics, and her experience has beautifully transformed these pre-loved fabrics to revive its purpose in our everyday life.  Kimonos being unpicked and treated to find another life has been a real challenge.  Balancing fine tones of colour, designs, materials and practicality for the purpose of usage are all taken into account.

About Ballantyne & Jones Sewing

" I have grown up in the beautiful green hills and valleys of Stroud in the heart of the Cotswolds.  Taught the basics of knitting, sewing and crochet by my grandmother and great grandmother at a young age, I have enjoyed making ever since.  I love patterns and colours in textiles and adding an interest in history, inspiration can come from all things vintage.

Currently taking on alterations and repairs as well as joint projects with Gourd and Horse, I am looking to explore the many projects and ideas buzzing around in my head and scribbled in notebooks! "  - Sam Welbourn

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