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Gourd+ Collaborations

What is a “Gourd + Collaboration”?

“1 + 1 = ∞”.  Visualizing a greater potential of handcrafted works in collaboration with other creative minds and makers.  Let’s discover something extra unique to create together.  Please use the contact form below to write to us.

Gourd+ Marion Mitchell

Our new collaboration with Marion Mitchell has commenced. Two potters create unique bijou orchid pots for Neofinetia falcata.


Perfect handcrafted gift ensemble will be coming soon. " Organic + Superfood + Raw Chocolate" = ZEN CACAO served with a stoneware plate especially designed for these beautiful artisan chocolates.

Gourd+ Ballantyn & Jones Sewing

Our collections with seamstress Ballantyne & Jones Sewing. Upcycling genuine Japanese vintage kimono fabrics to create table linens for dining.

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