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St. Stephen's Church

Christmas 2017

St. Stephen's Church

Saint Stephen’s Parish Church, Cheltenham 

As part of a major roof restoration for St. Stephen's Parish Church in Cheltenham. We had a commission to make the ridge tiles in terracotta clay. There were existing original tiles on the roof and the new ridge tiles, which would be added, should be perfectly matched to those old ones...  "Perfect match" in size and thickness was one of the trickiest task to achieve because of the shrinkage of terracotta clay.  Distortion of the flat and long shape was another issue to prevent in the process of making. Eventually, all went well and the whole restoration project was completed in time and made many people smile for the Christmas Day!


The church was started to build in 1873 based on the design by John Middleton. (Photograph from the Collection of the Late Father Brian Torode.)


Roof Restoration in 2017

42 St Stephen's Rd, Cheltenham GL51 3AB


Decorative Ridge Tiles

We can happen to find those ridge tiles in various shapes around us from simple to extravaganza.

There are "Fixed/All in one" and "Slotted" types.  St. Stephen's Church has the latter type and each flat tiles are to be set between the gap with fixtures (please see further below).




Views of Installment at St. Stephen's Church


Photo credit: www.centrelinestone.co.uk

 You can see these tracotta tiles to fix in the gap ("Slotted") on the left photo, and also see two new tiles fitted next to five old tiles on the right photo.


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