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Bristol & West of England Orchid Society Annual Show 2018

April 2018

Bristol & West of England Orchid Society Annual Show 2018

Spring is finally here!

We are very pleased to come back to this wonderful orchid show again!

This annual show will be held in the centre of a lovely town, Chipping Sodbury in Bristol.

Saturday 14th April 2018, 11.00am to 4.00pm. Town Hall, 57-59 Broad St, Chipping Sodbury, Bristol BS37 6AD. Admission: a few pound coin :-)

If you are planning on visiting The Royal Three Counties Show in Malvern 15-17th June 2018, you can pre-order your orchid pots at Chipping Sodbury Town Hall & Collection at our stall, The Malvern Intenational Orchid Show!

Please note: Closing date of pre-orders on Monday 30th April.

Please click the image to find [How to design & order your orchid pot]



Three steps to design your orchid pot [code1804]

Spring 2018

Three steps to design your orchid pot [code1804]

(Photo credit: Oliver Perrott Photography)

Would you be interested in designing your own orchid pot?

It will take only 3 steps to find a unique piece for you in total 80 varieties of design.

Please check the form, [How to design & order your orchid pot] below, and feel free to chose what you like from those options. Price range will vary from £35 to £55. Contact us to studio@gourdandhorse.com to find out the details including the cost and occasional deal. 

Looking forward to hearing from you!



St. Stephen's Church

Christmas 2017

St. Stephen's Church

As part of a major roof restoration for St. Stephen's Parish Church in Cheltenham. We had a commission to make the ridge tiles in terracotta clay. There were existing original tiles on the roof and the new ridge tiles, which would be added, should be perfectly matched to those old ones...  "Perfect match" in size and thickness was one of the trickiest task to achieve because of the shrinkage of terracotta clay.  Distortion of the flat and long shape was another issue to prevent in the process of making. Eventually, all went well and the whole restoration project was completed in time and made many people smile for the Christmas Day!

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Found, Fired and Fabulous 2017 at the Corinium Museum, Cirencester

2nd - 26th November 2017

Found, Fired and Fabulous 2017 at the Corinium Museum, Cirencester

Finding perfect gifts for a festive season!

Found objects, fired glass and ceramics become unique, colourful and delicate creations in a fabulous exhibition by five local artists. Marion Mitchell translates watercolour into fantastic ceramic sculptures and bowls. Amanda Moriarty’s utilises dynamic colour to create unique kiln-fired glass. Tara Davidson’s new ‘Poetry in Porcelain’ and rusty gold-edged bowls are inspired by her life and firing processes. Hannah Mathison’s reclaimed metal and wood sculptures transport you to a world of inspiration and creativity. Gourd and Horse presents a range of functional handcrafted stoneware including yarn bowls, orchid pots and tableware.

2-26 November 2017, Mon-Sat 10am-4pm. Sun 2-4pm. Corinium Museum, Park Street, Cirencester, Gloucestershire, GL7 2BX

Admission free.  All work for sale

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Resident Focus - Interview

November 2017

From November Newsletter 2017

[ Resident Focus ] Interview by Kate Collins, Workshop Co-ordinater

Please tell us about your work and what you enjoy most about it? 
I enjoy creating pots which have a specific function and purpose - yarn bowls and orchid pots. Practicality is important. I am continually looking at the choice of materials, the weight and form to consider what is best. An enjoyable part of the creative process is finding the balance between functionality and what is pleasing to the eye! My creative business only exists because of the support and advice I have been given over the years and continue to have from friends and family. I am so grateful to everyone who has discovered and uses my pottery.  "

Where did the name Gourd and Horse come from? 
The name comes from an old Japanese saying “Hyoutan kara Koma (瓢箪から駒)”, which literally means “A horse pops out of a gourd.” e.g. an unexpected surprise is happening to you!  "

Can you describe your studio and a typical working day?
My studio has a big window facing Chalford Hill. It is peaceful to view old Cotswold houses amongst trees on the hill, although it is quite a busy road with traffic and people visiting the lovely Lavender Bakehouse Cafe next door!
At the start of the day my studio has a clear worktop with a blank space. Before long, there is mess and chaos, followed by a tidy up and then back to a clear worktop and blank space! Usually I focus on one task each day, such as throwing pots on the wheel or glazing the pots I have made.  "

 do you find are the best ways to sell your work?
I am still learning how to do this and any advice greatly appreciated! I think it's so important to directly touch and feel a piece of ceramic work to appreciate it. Consequently I attend a lot of craft events and fairs. However, showing off work more widely and reaching larger audiences via the internet is equally well worth trying too.  "


Somerset Wiltshire and Dorset Orchid Society Annual Show 2017

16th September 2017

Somerset Wiltshire and Dorset Orchid Society Annual Show 2017

See you very soon!

We are delighted to be exhibiting at the Somerset Wiltshire and Dorset Orchid Society Annual Show 2017. The show will feature beautiful displays by several orchid societies in South West, and various exotic orchids and our unique orchid pots to purchase!.

Saturday 16th September, 10.30am to 4.30pm. The Gillingham Primary School, School Lane, Gillingham, Dorset, SP8 4QR. Admission: £2. 

Please Order by 14 September - Free pick up - Check our online shop first! If you find an orchid pot, which you wish to purchase, please select "Free pick up" when you proceed to check out.  We will bring your item to the event, and you will collect it at the venue!  No delivery charge - Why don't you use this service?

Check Orchid Pots in Stock

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